[Anti]socialized is a short film that uses visual metaphor and storytelling to explore how gendered socialization impacts our sexual interactions. The film examines popular notions of masculinity and femininity, and proposes ways in which we can challenge these norms and transform our interactions with each other.


Over the past few years, discussions about sexual violence, consent, and harassment have become more and more prominent in the media, workplace, and our own personal interactions. These discussions have the potential to spread awareness, incite empathy, and drive positive action. When these discussions are driven by anger, blame, and defensiveness, however, they can often result in further polarization of views and re-traumatization, pushing people even further away from a place of understanding and change.

Target Audience

The film is for individuals of any gender or sexual orientation who ever has or ever will engage sexually with another person. The film focuses on heterosexual interactions, but the messages can be applied to any sort of sexual interaction or relationship between individuals of any gender or orientation.

Design Strategy

Playful visual metaphors make the film enjoyable to watch, despite the challenging subject matter. Simple language makes the film easy to understand, and real examples bring theory to life.

Both female and male perspectives are depicted using both female and male narrators. Male input was sought and incorporated during the script writing process to ensure that the perspective depicted was relevant and relatable.

The film shows how gendered socialization negatively impacts both female and male identifying individuals, and instead of pointing blame on specific people, it looks at how society sets us up for problematic sexual encounters. The film concludes by portraying a positive and healthy sexual encounter between a man and woman in order to demonstrate that this sort of interaction is fully possible and realistic.

Why it Matters

Sexual violence is a very complex issue, and complex issues have complex solutions. Every person born into this world has to deal with gendered socialization, and binary gender norms are a root causes of problematic and violating sexual encounters. The concepts of masculinity and femininity are socially constructed, which means that they can also be socially dismantled. [anti]socialized aims to make people critically aware of their own socialization, with the ultimate goal of positively transforming behaviour.

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